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SUMMER IS BACK :) yayyyy :) hello sunglasses :) i used to be able to say that i had never broken a pair of sunglasses until this past month :( I have a friend who goes through a pair a week and now that might be me :O But, for now i've just kept all the broken ones because i like them too much to throw away :( Currently, out of these, only the 3 on the left and the pink heart ones are in working order :S i carry them around in my bag and they just seem to break so i'm gonna need to find some hard cases for them :) The pink heart ones are from Topshop and were kinda an impulse buy :) The white ones are from New Look and make me look like a bug :O The other pink ones are from Primark and i bought them because i wanted some pink sunglasses??? No idea where the brown ones are from - i've had them a while :) The lens less ones are from H & M and the 2 side less ones are from River Island :( So, to make sure at least a few pairs of these last the summer, i'm gonna

Twilight make up

Like everyone else in the world :) i'm a huge twilight fan but when i say fan i mean i have an obsession :) With anything, i can't just like it i have to be obsessed with it :S - so at the moment and for the past few years, my obsessions have been Diddl , Twilight and Miley Cyrus . Yesss, i like Miley even if half the world doesn't :) So, following with Twilight, i fall for all the marketing tricks even though i'm doing a business studies A- level. I buy everything and anything with a Twilight logo on it :O So, i found these goodies on - YAYY!!! i might say :) Looking back, i regret these purchases but i guess they can be a bit of a novelty :S i spent £40 on a mascara, lipstick and lip gloss that are not worth the money. This was around £10 and is literally a clear gloss. It does say sheer on the packaging but i skipped over this when ordering and i was expecting a really cool hot pink colour :( But i love the packaging and its

shopping :)

i picked up a few items recently :) My FAVOURITE been these heels from new look :) that were only £20 Then, i picked up some odd bits. i'm off to ireland in a few weeks :) so, i need travel sized items :) Asda have this real cool little atnad where you can pick any 4 items for £3. For now, i got mini toothpaste, hand cream, toner and a rather big sanitiser :) But, i'm gonna go and get some mini shampoo/conditioners and things. Then, i've seen this make up bag on many a blog but i really like it :) and for the tiny price of £1.50 from Primark , you can't go wrong so i picked it up :) Then i got some hair grips :) which recently i've started calling bobby pins from all the American Youtube videos i watch :O I always seem to lose them so i decided to stock up :) I got some eye make up remover pads from Boots for like £2 - i'm always lazy and just clean my face with a wipe but to stop me having to scrub at my eyes i though i'd better get somethi

me me and me :)

Hi, i'm Tasha. Seventeen years old. United Kingdom.

Project 10 Pan

In an earlier post, i mentioned that i had too much stuff which got me thinking about starting project 10 pan. i heard about it from lollipop26 and allthatglitters21 on youtube. I started it about a month before i started this blog so, i'm actually doing quite well with it :) I'm 6 products through now - yay :) but it's going to be a lot harder to use up another 4!!! 1) REVLON SLIDE GLOSS - this was just a clear gloss but i wasn't much of a fan. Any colour you wore underneath it transferred onto the applicator and the product seemed never ending, which i suppose was a good thing but i was determined to use it all up. 2) CARMEX TUB - my saviour through winter :) i was kind of sad to see this one go especially as i shouldn't be repurchasing anything - (naughty me - i replaced it with lush bubblegum lip scrub). The trusty old carmex. 3) RIMMEL PRESSED POWDER - this was rather good :) no amazing effects but i'd probably repurchase :) 4) AVON PINK GLITT


I'm not that big a fan of expensive jewellery usually - i'd rather have loads of cute topshop stuff then one expensive piece. The only 'expensive' item that i really wear is my gold name necklace :) everything else that i've collected over the years just sits in a jewellery box. But, now i really want a pandora bracelet :) However, i don't want the typical metal bracelet, i like the leather kind :) especially the grey :) it's been on my wishlist for a few months now but suprisingly i haven't gone out and got one yet even though i'm the kind of person who would buy one on impulse. i think thats because recently, i've really been thinking more about whether i need things because i really do have too much stuff :O Then, i just want a couple of little silver charms to go on it :) Voila I'm 18 in a few months so i was considering asking for one then :) but my friend has just turned 18 and got one (the leather one too!!!) so i don'

February Favourites

Beauty products of the month :) Now that the snow has finally gone and we're making that much needed transition into Spring, pastel shades are back!!! My all time favourite this month is my nails inc. nail polish in Duke Street :) it's this gorgeous lilac colour and it goes with everything! Then, urban decay eyeshadow in Mary Jane. it's a metallic bluey silver that wearable alone but great with a charcoal colour to create a smokey eye. Next up is my discovery of ELF - it's a great cheap make up site with their regular line product at only £1.50 i came across it when trying to find some brushes that weren't too expensive. The studio line is slightly more expensive but their brushes are amazing!!! i think i own all of them now :) Maybe i'll do another order tonight... i've heard a lot about the Barry M lipstick in 101, the totally nude one that literally camouflages into your skin. So, thinking i'd try i

ipod :(

R.I.P IPOD :( he has decided to die on me :( actually someone tried to take him apart and now he won't go back together :( Sooo, i need a new one :( sad sad sad - i wanted to buy hair extensions this month but i guess one of them is going to have to wait :S i've seen some reviews on youtube for foxylocks extensions in the UK :) so i think i want to try them out and they're pretty reasonable £72 for 160g of hair, 20 inches long :) decision time .... Tasha xxxx

getting started :)

well, i've decided to start a blog :) so heres a haul to start me off :) I had a few hours for my lunch break today, so i decided to bus it into town and pick up a few things... First Stop - LUSH everyone has been raving about lush's bubblegum lip scrub - purchase number 1 it was £4.50 but smells soooo good!! it's like pure sugar and can't help myself but accidently eat it :O Then, i decided to try one of their fresh face masks but a lot of them smell icky but i got the cupcake one :) it smells pretty nice like processed chocolate and mint :) - about £5/6??? Then, i went to Primark to get some tights but i ended up getting this cute lttle purse and no tights :O - £1.50 Next up i went to Boots and picked up the soap & glory eye gel :) their products usually smell really nice but this one doesn't have much of a scent to it but i love s&g packaging :) £7.84 i think :) Next stop - River Island :) i really wanted some grunge boots but i