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I keep a notebook in my bag all the time. In the front, i write my to do lists - anything that comes to mind that i ought to do and then in the back, my wishlist - everything i want :) These are a few of the things that have been lingering around on this list for a while :S All images from Google. This smells so nice :) i like really sweet things so i don't think it would be eveyones favourite :S Miley Cyrus has these boots - i tried them on in All Saints :) but i don't have £260 to buy them :( but i will settle with a cheaper pair :) Pandora bracelets are so nice :) especially if the charms have meaning to you :) My hair doesn't have that much volume and these look cool :) You can get different colour plastic bits depending on your hair colour. i think they are around £10. i have fake uggs but i really want real ones :) eventhough it's Summer now :) i want the original chestnut ones :) i might ask for them for my birthday :) xxxx Tasha

The Last Song - Miley Style

i am like the biggest Miley fan ever so, of course i had to see 'The Last Song' on the day of it's UK release ;) I LOVED IT!!! It was written by Nicholas Sparks who wrote Dear John and The Notebook. It has gotten poor reviews from critics but they have been way too harsh! Even my friends who don't like Miley really enjoyed it! My friend brought me the book for Christmas and it is one of the best books i have ever read! As soon as i finished it, i could've started from the first page again - it was that good :) I really recommend you go and see it, its completely different from Hannah Montana incase any of you were wondering ;) So, in appreciation of The Last Song, Miley Style... all images from xxxx Tasha

TOPSHOP make up

Has anyone else seen the articles on the new Topshop make up range? More magazine said it was out this week but i got an email from Topshop saying it's out in early May - the 5th to be exact :) The packaging looks cute and prices are going to be from £4 to £12, so i wonder how good quality these products will be. Hopefully there won't just be nail varnishs at like £4 and everything else way more expensive. image from I'm a sucker for pretty packaging so i'm sure i'll end up with half the range when it comes out - hopefully it will be good! xxxx Tasha


I went to the cinema the other night to see Remember Me. I love R. Patz ;) It's a good film - a little bit odd but i don't want to spoil it for anyone if they haven't seen it! Denim Jacket - Primark T-shirt - Urban Outfitters Skirt - H&M Shoes - Topshop Bag - George at ASDA ;) Scarf - River Island Bracelets - Dorothy Perkins Earrings - Topshop Rings - River Island xxxx Tasha


Here are a few shots of us in Liverpool - how we ended up in Liverpool instead of Ireland i'm not sure :S but i was on ITV news ;) talking about how annoying it ws that our flights were cancelled :) xxxx Tasha


"As soon as the sun comes out, England strips naked..." - aha - this is a facebook group that i saw which made me laugh! Denim Jacket - Primark Dress - Essentials??? - i've had this for years but never liked it until now :) Shoes - Urban Outfitters Necklace - Primark Earrings - Topshop Sunglasses - George at ASDA ;) Bag - George at ASDA ;) Tasha xxxx

ELF Haul

Finally here... i got all of this for £31 - how amazing is that!!! Excluding the bank holiday, it came next day delivery!!! These were £1.50 each - you can't go wrong, hence i bought 3 of them. The colours are pigmented and the plumper has a tingly feeling, i haven't really analysed how well it plumps though, so i'll keep watch on that. The shades are fire coral,oasis and baby doll. i have all the brushes from the studio collection (£3.50 each and my god are they amazing!!!) Around this time, i also purchased one brush from the standard l ne - the blending brush and i love that too! So, i've decided to test out a few more of the normal line brushes. These are the total face brush, blush/bronzer blush and an eyeshadow brush. Then, i am a total disaster with liquid eyeliner! A friend recommend trying some gel liner, and lucky for me, this is one of ELFS new stock items. It was £3.50 from the studio line and I CAN APPLY IT! aha - trust me - it is a miracle. it


Sorry for no posts in the last week. i was meant to be going to Ireland but with all the flights been cancelled, i have been stranded all over the UK. We tried getting a ferry and then flying from a differnt airport, so i have literally travelled the UK in the last 3 days. The most stressful 3 days of my life. This video summed up day 1 of the crisis :O it's like half an hour long and we were talking to our friends so i don't expect you to watch all of it but incase you do... it doesn't start for a few minutes and its a load of randomness but its the closest thing i have to a post at the moment. :( xxxx Tasha


So, i'm off to IRELAND next week :) YAY!!! I'm going with a friend - Cat :) andd us lame people are going to see JEDWARD ( X FACTOR) on tour whilst we're over there :) WE wanted the cheapest travel expenses possible so we are flying with Ryan air but yeh, as always there is a slight catch. If we want to take luggage we have to pay an extra £15 each!! We are going for about 4 days and my friend thinks that we are going to be able to live off our hand luggage. She might be able to but me? NEVER! aha - so i'm slightly worried about this. In my shoe haul post, i mentioned there was a purpose to me buying the Primark £2 sandals: Well, i'm going to take them with me and throw them away before i come home as i really will need the space.... My plan was to buy all my clothes and everything i would possibly need whilst i was over there and maybe just wear it all back on the plane but since seeing the exchange rate i'm a bit put off!!! Why is the exchange rate so

Shoes :)

YAY :) soo yess, i did go and make some cakes :) They're not very exciting atm, i might decorate them with icing later - thats if there are any left ;) Everyone's just come home and eaten half of them already :O Making these haul posts from Monday are really making me think that i overdid the shopping - whoops!!! My shoe collection is pretty large but i don't have like a go to pair of dolly shoes. i have plenty of them just not one pair that i really love. So, to fix that hole :) i purchased these awesome shoes from Urban Outfitters :) They were £28 but somebody informed that they have since been put down to £15. Just my luck! How Cute is the inside of them!!! Then, i picked up these really cheap sandals from Primark :) i really wasn't expecting them to be any good at all after the measly £2 i paid for them but i've got to say i'm impressed :) Other than the fact that everyone will know they're from primark they're pretty nice and perfect fo


Today has been quite a nice day :) i'm in the mood to go and make some cakes :) I bought quite a few items of clothing and shoes but, stupidly i didn't pick up a dress to wear on Friday for my friends 18th :O How stupid. First up is this top from River Island, it was in the sale for £7, i wouldn't have brought it if it was full price. My mum isn't too impresed with it ;) She doesn't understand why anyone would buy half a top but then again she's only just come to accept ripped jeans :) Then, for £16.99 at River Island, i chose this top. This ones cute and fits e really well - it says 'we're so pretty, ooh so stunning' and it has sequins on it ;) Then, i wanted one of these tops for a while but they were like £20 in Topshop. This one was only £7 in New Look. It looks better on then it does on the hanger. Next was a trip to Primark; i was shopping with a friend who practically only shops here :O She literally bought half the shop! i settle

Make up :)

So, make up :) We have a Rimmel London Stand where i work, so i get a slight discount of some items :) i was using the Rimmel 16 hour foundation in shade 200 beige but, with this very sad winter we've been having, i've gone really pale and had to get a shade 100 ivory :O i bought it in the new stay matte rimmel foundation and at the moment i'm not that impressed, it doesn't give as much coverage as i'd like. £4.49 for me Next, i got a Rimmel Metallic Cream Shadow innumber 51 SOHO which is a light pink, i already have it in 71 KENSINGTON which is a silver glitter colour :) It works as a good base :) £2.49 for me Then, i got a Rimmel Special Eyes Duo Shadow in 383 BUDDING STAR which has a shimmery white shadow and a matte pale green :)£??? NOW, even more of a bargain than my staff discount = poundland!!! The other day, ***Sprinkleofglitter*** did a post about this. ( i was going to link her blog, but bloggers telling me it's gone???) i thought it was cr

Shopping :)

Although from my previous hauls it wouldn't seem like it, my lent was to limit my shopping expenditures and compared to normal i managed this :) i would win an award for being the person to buy everything on impulse. However, 'limiting' my purchases has really made me think about whether i need things or not, so from now on, i'm only going to buy things after considerable thought. AND shocker - i've even opened up to Primark :O The Primark we have by me is absolutely horrible! Everything is always on the floor by half nine in the morning and you get pushed everywhere and have to queue for hours but my friends and a few of you bloggers have made me realise that you can actually find some quite nice buys in there! So, i have bought A LOT over the last few days, so, I'm going to split my posts into a make up haul, clothes and then miscellaneous purchases :) Then, i mentioned that i ordered from ELF :) I'm expecting it to arrive maybe on Thursday, so you'

Project 10 pan update

There is practically nothing to update!!!! i haven't finished a product up since the 13th March!!! My aim was to have finished it by the time the Liberty of London MAC collection was out - aka thursday. so Project 10 pan has been put on hold. i had a look at the MAC counter in Selfridges yesterday but i'm gonna risk waiting until next week as i can buy it in duty free at the airport if there is any left? But, to celebrate the return of make up :) expect a pretty big ELF haul after the bank holiday :) i've ordered it with their special easter offer of £5 off when you spend over £20, so just got to see how long it takes to come :)

March Favourites :)

March is over already. yay for easter holidays :) I've started curling my hair a LOT recently. I hardly ever did it in the past because i got a really bad burn on my neck a few years ago fromt he curlers - whoops! but the Andrew Barton heat defence spray has really saved my hair :) it has a tropical smell - i'm not overly keen on the smell but it definately does the job :) Then, another hair product - after excessively burning my hair, i used the moisturising conditioner by James Brown . it is really good!!! i'm going to go buy a big bottle. This came free with this months glamour magazine that only costs £2 so i suggest you go pick it up :) Elf corrective concealer :) 4 colours - a light beige that i use as a regular concealer, a green shade that covers up redness. A pink for under eye circles and a darker beig colour that is too dark for me so i use it as an eye primer :) and for £3.50 this is a bargain! Benefit onyx eyeliner - MY LIFE. Ruby & Millie eyeshadow

5 things i like about now :)

Gossip Girl and Waterloo Road are finally back after disappearing way before Christmas :) It's the Easter holidays, which means SUMMER is around the corner - YAY!!! However much i hated my driving lessons, having a car and being sheltered from rain is the best feeling ever :) The satisfaction of using products up really is something :) My JEDWARD Easter Egg from Ireland has arrived - aha. I really must thank my best friend for this :) and i love creme eggs (L) have a good easter weekend :) xxxx Tasha

April fools day :)

I'm always really weary on April the 1st as i never know what to believe. Luckily, no major pranks were played on me :) However, we did have a little joke around. We locked one of our teachers out the classroom at school today when they went out to get something :) (don't worry - it was a nice teacher who thought it was funny ) and then we went and crashed a Physics lesson opposite us by running in and doing the conga around the room ;) Then, we told a friend that the head of sixth form wanted to see her about her poor economics grades. She was really panicky and started running off to the head's office before we shouted April fool ;) i heard a good prank on the radio this morning though. Every year on April 1st, a woman goes to the bathroom then starts shouting to her husband that there is a leak in the toilet. He comes running and there really is a LEEK in the toilet :) HA My best april fools memory is from the good old days of primary school :) Our teacher had se