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Shopping :)

Although from my previous hauls it wouldn't seem like it, my lent was to limit my shopping expenditures and compared to normal i managed this :) i would win an award for being the person to buy everything on impulse. However, 'limiting' my purchases has really made me think about whether i need things or not, so from now on, i'm only going to buy things after considerable thought. AND shocker - i've even opened up to Primark :O The Primark we have by me is absolutely horrible! Everything is always on the floor by half nine in the morning and you get pushed everywhere and have to queue for hours but my friends and a few of you bloggers have made me realise that you can actually find some quite nice buys in there!

So, i have bought A LOT over the last few days, so, I'm going to split my posts into a make up haul, clothes and then miscellaneous purchases :)

Then, i mentioned that i ordered from ELF :) I'm expecting it to arrive maybe on Thursday, so you'll get that post in a few days :)

Also, thank you to all my followers :) it's so nice to log on and see a new follower and know that someone actually reads what i write :) i love reading everyone's blogs so it's nice to see people appreciate mine :) I always go and check if you have a blog to read :)

( my beautiful chicken! )

Hope you all had a good Easter :)



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