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Mac at the CCO :) & Jack Wills

Last Sunday, me and my friend took a trip to Bicester. It is an outlet village in Oxfordshire and we went because we knew there was a CCO there! (cosmetics company outlet for those that don't know) It was a really hot day and soo much fun :) i made my first proper MAC purchases!!! i could've spent days just looking at all the make up! For some reason, i had the impression that the CCO would be really trampy and that we would be lucky if we there were a few MAC products about. So, we were real suprised to find MAC stuff all nicely laid out. i spent £40 and got these 3 things: i got a mineralised eyeshadow duo in Devil Daycare. £10.50 I love the purple shade :) Then, i got the Emanuel Ungaro beauty powder in Flower mist dew. It's a really nice colour and has good pigmentation. They had some of the beauty powders from the Hello Kitty collection which i found hard to resist due to the beautful packaging but the Emanuel Ungaro one had better pigmentation. £11 i then got a 1

Maxi Dresses

So, the other day i picked up a maxi dress from H&M. It's a bit too long for me but i'm going to take it up :) I'm 5'7 and personally, i didn't think i was tall enough to pull off a maxi dress but all of my friends have been convincing me to get one :) what height do you think is best to be able to pull off a maxi dress??? I searched for ages - i really wanted a plain black one - kind of sophisticated, more classy then a patterned one :) But, i couldn't find a plain black one anywhere! Until H&M that is :) Hence, the reason i bought the dress even though it is slightly too long :) It was only £15 and it's really nice material. Thats the same price as the dresses in Primark! Then, i came home and tried it on and my mum wasn't too impressed but i think it's growing on her :) She doesn't think it is very me but my style is really varied so she only likes half of what i wear anyway. She is all about girly but not grunge ;) Then, extr

Clothes & Twitter

What's the best way to start study leave - going shopping of course ;) that should keep me going for a while! The weather yesterday was absolutely gorgeous! i was in a dress all day and i was totally overheating but i'm not complaining! I love Summer and this is definately the best weather so far! Finally, i got a maxi dress!!! yay :) it was £14.99 from H&M. I've got another post coming up on maxi dresses :) i used a no7 voucher to buy a new eyeliner :) i live in black eyeliner :S i look dead without. The no.7 brand is really good. it has great staying power and doesnt smudge and for £2.50 you can't complain! This necklace was from Topshop too :) and it was in the sale :) reduced from £10 to £3! Bargain! I really like chains connected together :) I saw these sandals on the Topshop website in Black and really liked them :) But they were sold out :( and they didn't have them in store so i settled for these :) They were £28. xxxx Tasha i also have a

Fake Tannnn

I'm not that pale normally but everyone in my family tans so easily compared to me! Here are a few products i've tried :) I only use these things every now and then :) and i wouldn't use a sunbed just because of the whole cancer thing so it's better to fake it :) Garnier Ambre Solaire Face Mist - Lauren at Paris Boutique swears by this :) It is about £7 ish and gives a nice cover in Summer instead of foundation as it's lighter. But, i still end up wearing my foundation and being annoyed when it melts away! L'oreal Glam Bronze for Legs - this is a wash off one but personally, i think its too much effort to go through the hassle of applying it evenly just to wash it off at the end of the night :S But, for those of you that aren't as lazy as me it does have really good colour pay off and it doesn't melt away :) Avon Satin Glow Airbrush Spray - This is a gradual tanner that you apply daily to build up the colour. You don't have to worry about


Just a quick post for now :) - i'll probably do another one tonight :) Everything is so crazy at the moment because we're leaving school so everyone is rushing around getting yearbooks signed but then i'll be on study leave so expect lots of posts :) Playsuit - £13 Primark Not much for an OOTD but the picture in my haul post didn't do it justice :) xxxx Tasha


Top: Beatles museum in Liverpool ;) Shorts: Old Jeans that i cut off myself :) Tights: Marks & Spencer - aha. Bracelets: New Look Boots: New Look xxxx Tasha

yo :)

Blogger has not liked me this week! Everytime i've done a post, it has deleted itself and then autosaved when there is nothing to be saved, making me lose it all :( THREE times that has happened this week :( - which hasn't made me want to rewrite the posts :( i ordered some grunge boots from New Look from the teen section :) It goes up to size 5 so i fit :) and they were only £25. i've wanted some for agesss but i've been trying to convince myself i didn't need them but 6 months later i still want them so i thought why not :) New Look also have buy one get one free on all their jewellery at the moment - how good is that! So, i ordered a set of the same bracelets in both black and gold. £8 each. i paid £4 postage and then only got the bracelets :( The boots were out of stock :( if they'd have told me, i wouldn't have brought the bracelets online, so at least they were BOGOF. i think a picture from their website will be better... Look out for a few ha

Doll contest

A lot of you probably saw Annabella's doll contest and i think a few of you entered it :) so good luck :) I was going to enter but i completely forgot to put my post up in time :( But as i already took the pictures i'm going to put them up for your entertainment anyway :) xxxx Tasha

Recent buys :)

Here are a few items that i picked up recently that never got mentioned :O i had nothing to wear for a night out - aha - happens every time - but i had no time to go anywhere other than my local ASDA :) Just my luck, i found 2 dresses that i couldn't decide out of so i brought both. They were only £8 each :) The other one is in the wash - maybe it'll appear in an OOTD post sometime. This floral print one is really nice on :) Maybe i should give ASDA a chance in future! This is a jumpsuit from primark. It was £13 which personally i think is too much for Primark. i don't like to spend more than about £8 on one item from there as i feel it'd just be worth buying it from a 'better' shop. But, my mum convinced me to get it and it's actually really nice on although a bit short on me :S The picture doesn't do it any justice! This top was also from primark - £8. I really like studs as they make things a bit edgier ;) It'll look good over leggings as

Bank Holiday Shopping

Hey, hope everyone in England had a good Bank Holiday :) It's the only time that i can get my mum to come shopping with me! My mum absolutely hates shopping, unlike me :) but it's kind of tradition that we go every bank holiday :) This dress and belt came together. It was only £20 at T K Maxx :) I normally can't stand rummaging through all the racks because i never seem to find anything but my mum was taking ages... hence me finding the dress - woop! Next, Dry Shampoo is literally my life saver! It just comes in so useful - it makes your hair feel fresh if you've skipped washing it and gives good volume :) I went into Boots to get the Batiste dry shampoo like always but they didn't have it! so, i thought i'd try Boots own - i think i prefer Batiste though. Its about £2. My previous white pumps were £15 from Topshop but now they've been over worn and chnaged colour i decided to just get some cheap Primark ones - they all look the same and were only £2!

April Favourites

This month has gone quick! i'm sure i say this every month bt the time for a monthly favourites is always around the corner :) I think May is an odd month :S but as long as it brings some sun with it, i'll be happy! I'm going to start with my absolute favourite: Natural Nymph Mineral Lipstick by ELF . A few of this months favourites are elf after my large haul a few weeks ago ;)It's creamy and doesn't dry out your lips and i'm really getting into nude colours at the moment :) Then, Olay complete care daily UV cream . Now the sun's returned :), its really important to have an SPF. The cream is for normal/dry skin whereas i would say mine is more oily/normal but it is definately not making my skin more oily :) I tried gel eyeliner for the first time this month and i'm impressed :) Elf's has a really good consistency and i have been using the small smudge brush to apply it. Lush's BIG shampoo is interesting :) It doesn't taste very nic