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18 :)

I feel so out of the loop - my life has been taken over by exams :( Buttt, I AM 18 TOMORROW!!!! yayyyyy :) Blogging will resume as normal shortly :) Thank you to my new followers - you're all lovely :) Hope everyones enjoying the sun :) xxxx Tasha


How many bottles and containers is it possible to purchase in a week? i think i went a bit overboard! First up, Batiste Dry Shampoo! I go through probably a can of this a month :O Thankfully it's only £2. It's just great for lazy days and i use it on clean hair too as it gives volume to my extremely flat hair :) Last time, i bought Boots own as they were out of Batiste but i wasn't impressed so my loyalty returned to Batiste :) it's pink and smells good too! Then, VO5 whipped volumising mousse. I don't usually use mousse but as mentioned above my hair is flatter than flat so i will try anything to make it bigger! This was about £3.50 from Boots. I've only used it once so far but i think that it did make a difference! yeahh! Then, i went to ASDA and they had alot of there face products half price! I think it was a one day thing as i've been back since and they're all back to full price again - BOO! My skin reacts badly to quite a lot of face prod

Benefit freebies - Glamour :)

I am pretty sure that every single one of you knew that there were going to be Benefit freebies with this month's Glamour Magazine :) Well, it went on sale today! There are a choice of 3 products: BAD GAL LINER - usually £14 IT STICK - £17 EYE BRIGHT - £14 I wasn't expecting full sized products so that was impressive! Shamefully, i picked up two magazines and managed to get the BAD GAL LINER, which would've been my first choice and then for £2 i thought i could definately justify the IT STICK ;) I went to the scan it yourself machines though so i wouldn't look silly buying two of the same magazine ;) I also picked up more magazine - the one with the voucher to get a free BARRY M DAZZLE DUST :) but i forgot to use my 80p voucher from last week :S i still have to post my May favourites and there's a product haul to come :) xxxx Tasha

May favourites

A week late - oh dear! Yay for June :) I love June :) - maybe just because it's my birthday month :) 9 days left of my childhood :S June minus all the exams plus all the sun = a good month :) Every month i come to do this, the previous month has just flown by in a matter of seconds :O Sorry for the funny lighting on the photo! Number one this month definately my FAKEBAKE SELF TAN LOTION . I did a post on different fake tans before: I'm not one of these people that has to wear fake tan all the time but it's fun every now and then :) and this one is amazing :) Also, i take back what i said about the L'oreal instant spray on tan. I didn't get the point of going to the effort of evenly spraying for it to just wash off but, i went out the other night and felt really pale so hello quick fix tan :) It didn't rub off and looked natural :) Rimmel Sunshimmer Bronzer in Light Matte: I love this :) On twitt

mysweetdiarys contest entry :)

This is my entry for mysweetdiarys contest :) Ita a harajuku inspired look :) Her blog is really cute - go check it out :) Sorry for all the pictures :) - i couldn't pick just one! It's such a fun idea for a contest :) xxxx Tasha

Miley London!!!

OMG! yesterday, i met Miley Cyrus. If you've read some of my previous posts you might've gathered that i'm a huge fan. Well now, my life is complete! On Tuesday night, at aroung 11pm my friend suggested that we go to London to try and meet her. I had found out earlier that morning that she was gonna be there. I then showed up at my friends house in my PJ's ready to catch a train from Birmingham the next morning :) We were the 3rd & 4th people to arrive outside the Radio 1 Studios and therefore were right at the front but we had a huge wait ahead of us! We met loads of new people. Before Miley arrived, we met Fearne Cotton and saw Chris Moyles! You can actually hear us screaming and then talking on the Radio if any of you listened :) Miley was rushed in quickly but she spent slightly longer on the way out. She signed a few things and took about 3 pictures and i was lucky enough to get one! It may only be half my face but that is enough :) AND i can cross meeti