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I love the fact that i have ID and can go out whenever now that i'm 18 :) To get back into the swing of posting, here is an OOTN :) Top: Urban Outfitters - my friend got me this for my birthday (L) Skirt: H&M Shoes: plain black heels New Look :) Flower: local pharmacy ;) Bracelet: Pandora Necklace: Topshop Ring: River Island Bag: Dorothy Perkins xxxx Tasha

i think...

I HAVE BEEN GONE TOO LONG! but... i think that i am finally back! i thought that after exams, my life would get less stressful but it's just got crazier!!! Currently, i have a German exchange girl staying with me so i've been taking her sightseeing :) I've done lots of shopping and have plenty to blog about! Sooo good to be back! Thank youu for sticking by me! xxxx Tasha