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OOTD and Photoshoot

I have a photoshoot next weekend that my fiancee got me for my birthday. We have to take 4 outfits and we get our hair and make up done. Ideally, I would love to go and buy all new outfits but that's not realistic. So, i've treated myself to one ;)  We went to Tamworth at the weekend and we went to Outfit (the shop that collectively sells Topshop, Warehouse, Dorothy Perkins etc.) and I picked up the top below, the belt and also a grey maxi skirt. Top - Warehouse £32 Belt - Dorothy Perkins £7 Leggings -Topshop £25 Shoes - H&M £7 xxxx Tasha

Parcel Haul

It's almost the end of the month and I don't really have the money to be going shopping but cheeky little parcels keep arriving through my door. First up, Katy Perry Eyelashes I love Katy Perry, she's gorgeous and for some reason that made me want her eyelashes?! Well, I think these are around £8 in Boots and I got all 3 of these for £9.50 plus £3 postage on Ebay. BARGAIN! Not sure if i'm going to be able to pull off the double lashes but i'll give them a shot on a night out :) Then, MORE Impress Nails! Still loving these and I picked up this box for £4.80 on Ebay instead of £8.99 :) These are called - Over The Moon Next, Make Up Sponges Why are these so expensive? I hate it when you see them in the shops and 2 are like £3. These actually came into work and I got 8 for £1.20 :) :) :) Then, my Grandma gave me this cute sparkly keyring, it opens like a locket but currently, I have too many keyrings so migh

Sportswear Wishlist

I have actually started running. I normally say that I am going to start exercising and do something once then give up on it but i'm going with my friend which is motivating me more. We've been four times so far and are trying to go twice a week.  The fun bit.... Shopping for Sportswear Here are my picks from JD and Sports Direct. I think we're going to go shopping on Bank Holiday Monday so expect a haul :) xxxx Tasha

Broadway Impress Nails

Broadway Impress Nails are my new holy grail item. I'm not bothered about nail varnish for the time been.... The patterned ones retail for £8.99 in Boots, and the single coloured ones £7.99.  I am on my 3rd box and am definitely going to continue to repurchase.   Each box has 24 nails in and makes 2 sets of false nails so really it's about £4 every time you wear them. I've found that they last around 7 days before I get bored of them and take them off.  They have sticky pads on so you don't have to fiddle around with glue but as I'm getting towards the end of the weeks wear I carry a tube of nail glue just incase. I've found the best time is to put them on before bed as they dry properly overnight whilst your hands aren't doing anything. P.S - I've found them cheaper on Ebay! xxxx Tasha

Wedding OOTD

A few weeks ago I had my cousins wedding. I got up early in the morning to do some last minute shopping preparation and grabbed a sneaky Costa Coffee and a cake :) It was a lovely day and great to catch up with friends and family! Firstly, my shopping goodies: I paid for all this with my Boot's points as I've been collecting them for ages but now I'm back to the beginning again! Skin Art Temporary Tattoos - £7.99 I like some tattoos but am not brave enough to get one. My parents would go mad and I'd probably regret it after a week so after seeing these online I decided to pick these up. They are really nice designs like actual tattoo designs that people would have. I've worn a heart design on my wrist and had people thinking it was real. Impress Nails - £7.99 I absolutely love Impress Nails at the moment. Nadine Girls Aloud Eyelashes - £5.49 I ordered some Katy Perry eyelashes on Ebay and they worked out as half the price of Boots bu