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My Holiday Haul

So, this post is kind of late but here's a quick look at what goodies I picked up whilst I was away in Cornwall. Treds Riding Style Boots £39.99  The Hunger Games £15 Asda Heart Keyring £3 Thanks Ryan :) Purple Flower Ring - ONLY £2! Everything is possible Necklace £10 Thanks Ryan :) Mask :) £6 Every year since I was little i've always wanted one of these so I finally got one :) Dorothy Perkins Earrings - This is a  full card that scanned up as £1 at the till - Bargain! Salt and Pepper Men £3 xxxx Tasha

Munch of the Day ;)

Whats in the box.....? About five months ago, I was at a friend's house when she told me that she had something that i would love. Intrigued, she reappeared with a cardboard box with 4 cute food products inside. Basically a food version of Glossybox. She gave me a coupon to get a free box and  I've been subscribed to Graze since. Thanks Cat ;) Graze is a subscription service similar to the beauty boxes. You can choose how often you receive it - daily,weekly even monthly. The fun part is rating all the products on their website binning products so you don't get sent something that you wont like and picking your favourites. My worst habit is wanting to eat every box as soon as it's arrived! Usually, Graze is £3.89 per box but there are loads of offers and I think i've had generally every third box free which makes it even better value for money. Also, I have a code that you can use to get a free box :) PW6VCH5D Have yo


Last night was one of my oldest friend's 21st birthday party :) Here's what I wore :) Excuse my face! Top: H&M £9.99 (bought today) Jeans: River Island Shoes:  tReds  £24.99 xxxx Tasha

Fall/Winter 2012 Wishlist

It was only last week that I was on a beach in Cornwall and now it feels like the middle of Winter. I went out last week all layered up scarf, coat and everything still freezing! So time for some Winter wardrobe additions ;) All of these images are from Missguided. xxxx Tasha

Glossybox September 2012

So for those who don't know, Glossybox is a beauty box subscription service where you get 5 deluxe samples delivered to your door each month for £12.95 including P&P. I've been subscribed for around a year and I love getting the box through the door every month! This month was a special patterned box :) I always keep the boxes for storage! The inside wrapping is adorable aswell as the cardboard box that comes through the door! So what did I get?... There are different variations of these boxes that go out to subscribers so not everyone gets the same. Lady Gaga Fame Sample Rodial Face Masks and Serum Samples Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream  Vichy Day Cream Maghrabian Hair Oil The eye cream is my favourite pick at the moment!  xxxx Tasha

Cornwall Snapshots

Me and Ryan <3 p="p"> Driving a boat :) pretending it's not on Auto-Pilot Meal Time :) The Beach  Sun The Zoo Family BBQ Monkeys at the Zoo Finally, off to the pub for some Cornish Rattler and nuts :) xxxx Tasha

Holiday Gift Haul :)

Me and Ryan have just got back from a nice week away in Cornwall :) I love all of the cute gift shops there and always pick up a variety of things so here are the presents that we picked up for people.... Firstly, I picked this up from a really cute antique shop in Mevagissey. It's on a chain and you hang it in the light, this was for my mum :) This Shamballa Bracelet was from Equlibrium and for Ryan's mum. This Frisbee has a name tag space so we got this for Ryan's little brother. I got this meerkat mug from Hawkin's Bazaar for my dad and some beer to go with :) Then, I got this duck for my brother also from Hawkin's Bazaar and some fudge, toffee and shortbread because he is quite happy with food! This plaque was for my Aunty and we got her a calender too. Then, this wire boat was for my Uncle who actually lives in Cornwall. :) Of course, we stocked up on traditional Cornish Fudge and

Photoshoot Review and Pictures!

So, me and Ryan went for our photoshoot last Saturday :) We went to New ID Studio's in Birmingham.  We're really pleased with the pictures but it was a long process getting to them! We were there from 10am - 7pm. We were the seconds ones in and the last out so I think they were just been unorganised.  We were told to take 4 outfits but then only got to wear 3, luckily I knew which one I wasn't that keen on so got rid of it straight away. We had to fill a card out describing our style and how we'd like our make up and hair. We went through to make up first and the lady was really nice. She was going through everything that she did and they actually do make up classes there. My make up was really nice.  Then, after a long wait I had my hair done. Before the day, I knew I was going to get my make up done but i didn't know about my hair so that was a bonus! There is a proper hairdresser's in the studio with external people coming in. The hairdresser