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Halloween NOTD

I thought these were Halloween appropriate. Impress nails in Space Cadet. There are some amazing tutorials on blogs and Youtube, if only I was creative and skilled enough to be able to do it myself! xxxx Tasha

Christmas Wishlist

A bit early for some maybe? Oh well, I like to be prepared and start Christmas Shopping really early which makes Ryan think he has to aswell. So here you go.... Sigma Make Up Brushes  I have wanted these for absolutely ages. I think i'll feel like I have a complete set when I have these and wont be buying odd brushes here and there. I originally wanted the pink set - make me blush but I've decided black is classier and they're actually cheaper. With the 10% discount code which this month is DEAL2012 they work out at £57 including postage. Curlers  My hair is pretty straight so I rarely straighten it anymore but this also means it doesn't stay curler for long. I've been saying for a while that I want some new curlers for a while and Ryan actually came back with these for me after going shopping the other day. These John Frieda Defined Curls are apparently the recommended option from the lady in Boots, bless him :) I actually used these for Halloween

Halloween 2012

I've borrowed Ryan's laptop so I can post today! We had a Halloween party on Friday night so here's what we wore :) I'm not really sure what I was meant to be, some kind of dark cat fairy maybe?! I found the cat sticker in Asda the day before and decided I wanted it. It was only £1 and they had lots of different designs. Ryan was a Zombie Jester. xxxx Tasha.

Mini Update

My laptop has died :'( I think all that I need is a new power supply cable so hopefully now it's the weekend i'll be able to pick one up! Me and Ryan went to a Halloween party last night which was fun. I've just washed all the white hairspray out of my hair ewwwww. I'll put some pictures up when my laptops back up and running! I think that i'm going to go and do some Christmas shopping today :) Ryan is a tricky one to buy for because if he wants something he just buys it but then I kind of do the same! I'm going to make a Christmas wishlist soon to help him out. Xxxx Tasha

Empty Products

I am on a bottle ban. I have literally got all my products and put them on a shelf so I can see what I've got to use up and so they are easily accessible. Surprisingly, I have found that I am using up products quicker than I expected! This is probably 2 months worth of empty products! As if there are 4 bottles of dry shampoo in there :/ Oh well, I love it! What have I already repurchased? Rimmel Stay Matte Powder £3.99 Revlon Colorstay Foundation £11.99 Batiste Dry Shampoo £2.99 What else would I repurchase? Soap & Glory Body Buff Hand Sanitising Spray - Glossybox Maybelline/ Maxfactor Mascaras What wouldn't I repurchase? Barry M Crackle Nail Varnish - I haven't had this long and it's already dried up :/ Sanex Deodorant - This smells horrible! Noble Isle Shower Gel - I got this in a Glossybox but the scent is a bit old for me. Dont forget to enter my giveaway -

Work Shoes

I hate the fact that I have to wear a uniform for work everyday, I would absolutely love to wear smart clothes! Black shoes are part of my uniform and are where I usually like to add a bit of sparkle, normally having dolly shoes with big diamantes on the front or something! But, as I am on my feet all day i wear through my shoes really quickly and little dolly shoes aren't doing my feet any favours at all :( No matter how cute they are. So, trying to be sensible I have been on the lookout for some sensible, practical but cute shoes that I can put some supportive insoles in. I went to every shop under the sun including Clarks and Marks & Spencer aha but still no luck! I had seen some black and red riding boots (Chelsea Boots) in River Island that would've been okay if they were plain black. Luckily, my fiancee manages a shoe shop and he said that he had some similar ones there. Perfect :) They were £24.99 before discount ;) Treds The River Island ones ar

What I wore today....

Jumper: River Island £35  Leggings: New Look £10 Boots: New Look £25 Nails: Impress Nails in Tweetheart Dont forget to enter my giveaway -   xxxx Tasha

Berry Blast

1. River Island Dark Red Studded Jumper £35 I love this! They have it in dark grey to and I couldn't decide between the 2 because realistically i'd have both but i actually picked this up today after saving it on my laptop yesterday. Yay :) 2. River Island Boots £55 I really like these and to be fair, I don't think £55 is a bad price for them at River Island but I already have some riding boots for winter. 3. Berry/Oxblood Dress River Island £30 This could be dressed up or down but I need an excuse to buy it :) 4. River Island Polar Bear Sequin Jumper £25 Love! My favourite animal used to be a polar bear, maybe it still is but i used to have to buy anything with a polar bear on and this is really cute but i dont know if i'd really wear it that much if I had it. I might aswell have called it a River Island post so far..... but, I like these wedges from New Look too! I think they're £24.99 :) Dont forget to enter my giveaway -  http://wand

50 followers giveaway :)

Just a small giveaway to say a big thank you to everyone who reads my blog! If you want to be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.  I'm going to make this giveaway international! Stila Eye Liner in Topaz Elf Mini Make Up Set Oasis Earrings Good luck everyone! xxxx Tasha P.S. Let me know what posts you would like to see more of! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fall Cleaning

I'm ill at the moment and am literally living in my pyjamas. I want to be productive but in my state that's not going to happen! Last week, before I got ill, I started some 'Fall Cleaning'. I don't know if people do that as it's normally Spring Cleaning but here's what I like to do: All of my summer clothes that i'm definitely not going to wear until at least next spring get packed away and taken up to the loft making space for more new winter clothes! I've sorted through a lot of my things and i'm going to do a bootsale with a friend and hopefully make some money :) I don't like throwing things away unless they're broken so I tend to keep a lot of stuff but now it's time to go! Recently, I gave a lot of unwanted clothes away but half of this clothes rail are items with the tags still attached! I have 3 pairs of £40 River Island Jeans on there! xxxx Tasha

Glossybox Customer Service

On Tuesday, after receiving my Glossybox, I sent customer services an email because as I mentioned,  I had already received the Dermalogica Kit before. I also asked why there were only 4 products this month. I almost had an immediate response which said that as the Dermalogica Kit was individually 3 products they had classed it as 2 product. This is fair enough to be honest as I would've been impressed if i hadn't received it before! They apologised for me receiving the same item again and said they would send another product out to me :) Only two days later, a package arrived this morning and I was really confused as to what it was as I didn't think that I was expecting anything. They sent me the: Yves Rocher Instant Anti - Wrinkle Moisturiser This retails for £18 for 30ml so this is full size :) I might not have wrinkles now but we'll go with prevention ;) I thought that was all and went to throw the envelope away before realising there was actually

Glossybox October 2012

I'm fairly disappointed with this month's Glossybox :/ Firstly, there are only four products compared to the usual five, maybe i've missed an update or something but i haven't heard anything about this! So, on to the products: Dermalogica 3 step day and night kit  £12 This probably would've impressed me on first impressions if I hadn't had it before! Unfortunately i've actually received this in a Glossybox before. I love the idea of it but unfortunately it doesn't suit my skin. Anatomicals body scrub  £3.49 per 200ml (this sample is 75ml) Quite happy to add another body wash/scrub to my collection, can't really go wrong here. Skinetica Anti-Blemish Solution  £6.99 per 100ml I'm interested to try this, so hopefully it'll be good. Yves Rocher France Lipstick  £14.50 Moisturising Cream Lipstick - This is a nice product to get and it's full size but i'm not sure on the colour. I got a bright red which most people wo


Minus the heels, I'm head to toe, New Look. Maybe I should just say head to ankle, New Look.   Jumper: £14.99 Leather Look Trousers £19.99 I also got the jumper in grey and navy as I think they'll be things I can just throw on when I get home from work in Fall/Winter and look presentable. Image from There was a concession stand with all Roam jewellery on, everything was so nice! Earrings £4.99 Peace Ring £3.99 xxxx Tasha

Perfume Reaction :(

I've just got back from Boots and there Advantage Card Christmas Event. I picked up some gifts but have had a reaction to a perfume! Whilst queueing, my friend Emma sprayed Paul Smith's Optimistic onto my wrist to get my opinion and within 5 seconds I looked like this.... Please excuse the atrocious picture quality but I am pretty sure you can see that my wrist turned purple! 3 hours later and its still the same. I have never had an allergic reaction to perfume before hence my concern. I wear perfume everyday and even work with it so what caused this I do not know! xxxx Tasha

Fashionista Palette

I always choose Boots over Superdrug but I ventured in there the other day whilst in Weymouth to pick up the Fashionista palette that the blogging world is raving about. The current offer is fill the whole palette for £10 which means a saving of £11! Usually, the palette alone is £5 and the individual eyeshadows, blushers and bronzers are £4 each. Also, as I don't usually go in Superdrug, I didn't have a beauty card and as I signed up, I got an extra pounds worth of points so overall, it was a real bargain. I spent a fair while choosing what colours I wanted... swatching away... I was really impressed with the pigmentation and quality of the products and decided on one blush, one bronzer and two eyeshadows. An advantage is that you can see the names of the products by tipping the palette over. They were really easy to get in and out of their original packaging. So what did I get: (top to bottom) Blush - Glowing Shade 11 Bronzer - Barcelona Eyeshadow - Fro

Weymouth Daytrip

Ryan has a work meeting in Weymouth today (well, he did on Monday when I wrote this) so i' ve booked the day off work to go with him.  It's too far to drive by yourself and I would be worrying about him all day anyway! It was only the other week when we were down this way on holiday. Flat Eric came along for the journey :) So Ryan headed off to his meeting and left me shopping :) Definitely not complaining! Currently driving home eating a Burger King that's not that nice, give me a McDonalds any day! It was nice to be on the beach randomly, playing in the arcades and eating ice cream :) My bag kept setting the alarms off in a lot of the shops, definitely need to find out what's causing it. So, I picked up a few things which i'll show you soon. xxxx Tasha

So I went a bit crazy in Boots...

So I went to Boots with the intention of picking up some more Impress Nails in a darker colour for Fall as I wasn't feeling bright nails but as I had a 400 points voucher if I spent £40 that ran out the next day, I decided to make it up to that. Slightly excessive I know. Spending the No 7 Vouchers will be my next job... such a sucker for vouchers Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean £7 If I was clever, I would've waited for this to be in the 3 for 2 offer but I don't really do much for my face because most things break me out so I really want to find something that works for me. MissBudgetBeauty on Youtube/blogger loves this so I have high hopes :)   Simple Spotless Skin Deep Clean Cleansing Pads £4.99 Currently I swear by the Simple Spotless Skin Make Up Remover Wipes as they are one of the only things I have found that work for me. This is a new addition to the range so hopefully it will bring good results too! Impress Nails Black £