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Clothes Show Live Haul

This post should've gone up a fair while ago but still, it's better late than never! I went to the Clothes Show back in December with my friend Emma. Over the years, I've been to the Clothes Show quite a few times but I hadn't been for 2 years so I was excited to go again! We made a day of it by having a MAC makeover in the morning ( see my post here ) and then a little bit of shopping in town before heading to the NEC. We went on the last day (which i'd never done before) and were surprised by the bargains to be had. Before going we were unsure as to whether going on the last day would work out to be good or bad but I think we did well! From what I've heard/read, a lot of people didn't buy much at all and weren't impressed. I was on a mission to treat myself so did end up getting a fair bit although I would've liked to have got some more clothes considering it's called 'The Clothes Show'. There seemed to be less well known brand

A Topshop OOTD

 Currently, my favourite store is Topshop and I treated myself to a bit of retail therapy the other week. My student discount card is definitely coming in handy! I can't believe that I didn't realise that I was eligible for one until recently.  Embellished Jumper - Topshop £46 Patterned Leggings - Topshop £28 Biker Boots - Topshop £45 Fur Headband - Clothes Show This is one of the controversial angora jumpers that Topshop are getting a lot of stick about at the moment. However, I purely bought it because I love the style of the jumper. I adore rabbits but the damage is already done and the jumper is in store so if I don't buy it somebody else will. Apologies. It's pretty pricey at £46 but I have been wearing it quite a lot and I'm considering picking it up in the pale pink colour, hopefully it will go in the sale soon! Happy New Year!  Bring on 2014! xxxx Tasha