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Astrid & Miyu

Astrid and Miyu have become pretty big in the piercing world. I've been fond of their items for a little while but thought they were quite a pricey brand. Although, when I actually had a proper look on their website, I realised there were some reasonable items on there. They are very kindly offering 30% off to NHS staff at the moment so I decided it would be a good time to try a few pieces. I went for a pair of huggies earrings and a pair of studs to wear together.  I have my lobe, upper lobe and left helix pierced. My body doesn't actually respond very well to piercings; I've found the healing time to be long and quite painful. The first time I had my ears pierced at around age 7, I found out I was allergic to gold and had to let them close up. However, once my piercings are healed I find that I can wear gold. I had them re-pierced with titanium at a tattoo shop with belly rings as I don't think titanium was readily available at the time. I remember a dark tatt

My Roaccutane Journey

This post is more audience specific than usual but I hope it may be of help to anyone going through a similar situation. I want to give you an insight into my Roaccutane journey as I know I often turned to searching Google for answers. Never did I think i’d be posting this on the internet but here goes... Onto the back story, I had oily/ combination skin as a teenager and suffered with the usual teenage spots that cleared up as I approached my 20’s. Later, I was on the combined contraceptive pill and decided to take a break from it when I was around 23. I stopped it for 6 months and was hit with a backlash. Stopping the pill and a change in hormones is the only explanation I can put my breakout down to. My skin broke out significantly. I had courses of Lymecycline prescribed and Zineryt (Zinc & Erythromycin) Topical Lotion. With minimal success from these, I was referred to a dermatologist. BEFORE Before all of this, I could probably count the number of times

It’s Doughnut Time - Vegan Doughnuts DIY Kit Review

Stuck for ideas for a lockdown birthday, I came across these It's Doughnut Time at home DIY kits on Charlotte Ruff' s Youtube. Definitely a novelty but very fun. I got the Favourites Kit  which happens to be Vegan featuri ng ' The red-velvet, whipped buttercream Sia Later, and the famous choc-chip cookie dough Ice Ice Bae Bae!' The doughnuts themselves were huge and very tasty. They came with all the toppings and piping to be able to recreate an It's Doughnut Time masterpiece at home.  At £22 for 4 doughnuts plus £5.95 P&P they are a little pricey but perfect for a special occasion.  They both tasted delicious but I think the red velvet was the winner of me purely because it's a little bit unusual.  Since ordering, they now have a Biscoff Kit listed on the website alongside a 'Design Yo Own 2.0' .  Tasha

My Experience as a New Runner

Me, a runner? Never would I have thought it but here we are.  Being allowed to exercise once a day (I'm sure I don't need to remind you all about the Coronavirus restrictions) encouraged me to start running. I downloaded the Couch to 5K app and got myself outside.  I would highly recommend it if you've considered starting running. It gradually increases the amount of running time whilst reducing your walking time.  I remember being amazed when running 3 minutes straight let alone 25 minutes. It's impressive how much stamina you can build up in such a short amount of time.  Top Tips:  Make sure you stretch before and after Do a 5 minute warm up and cool down to keep your legs moving without seizing up Have the right equipment, see below Have rest days to recover Stay hydrated  Don't eat too close to running Originally, I was struggling with my legs and knew properly fitted trainers would help. I ordered some calf supports which are mean

Lockdown Life FT Banksy

5 years on and a lot has changed. I'm living in a different city and we're currently amidst lockdown for Covid-19. Day 49 of people working from home, socially distancing, queuing for essentials and zoom calls to catch up with friends and family whilst communities feel more together than ever before. In what has become the new normal, people are content with what they have, rediscovering past-times which brings me here to this post... picking up an old hobby. Not too much has changed for me in the sense that I am still going out to work as I work for the NHS. I'm proud to be working for such an amazing organisation at such a time. 8pm claps on a Thursday are emotional, walking past NHS appreciation chalk drawings on pavements on the way to work. My hospital were very lucky to receive a piece of art from Banksy which will eventually be auctioned to raise money for NHS charities. Stay safe. Tasha